Open edX

We’re a full stack Open edX partner

Robust, intuitive and scalable

Developed in partnership with Harvard and MIT, Open edX is constantly evolving.
There are almost endless applications of this technology, and we can use our expertise to craft it to the specific needs of any organisation.

We’ve mastered Open edX as a business solution and understand how to best utilise its robust and scalable infrastructure,
adding additional functionalities and capabilities not broadly available.


Services to suit you

Custom branded learning environment

Get started with your own instance of Open edX, completely customisable to your brand.

edX Studio Training

Manage your own learning content in real time with edX studio. We’ll provide all the information and support you’ll need to publish your own courses.

Full support

We provide both technical and learner help desks to answer any student, teacher or mentor queries throughout.


Analytics and Insights

We provide companies access to a full dataset on user enrollment, the demographics, their engagement and success. This data can be utilised to tailor the learner experience even further to ensure that it has maximum impact.

We also provide an impact assessment and full training on the analytics platform, allowing our clients to assess their return on investment and identify avenues to explore in the future.

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Mobile App

Make learning accessible anytime via your own white label mobile app.
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