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Virtual reality (or VR) is certainly not a new concept, however the past year has seen some significant improvements in how everyday users can access these experiences. 2016 has seen many more consumer-level devices hit the market, and last year the overall number of virtual reality users was estimated at 10.8 million(1). However, the average consumer can easily find themselves priced out by the new technology, with dedicated equipment such as the HTC Vive costing around £750(2).

The most accessible VR experiences don't require any equipment other than what's already in your pocket: Your smartphone. For employers, using technology that's already available to the user is a far more realistic way to guarantee participation. That way, the time and money can instead be invested in creating engaging and relevant content which has genuine meaningful impact.

Watch the following video to see how we've delivered a 360° VR experience within our learning app:


These interactive 360 degree videos now open up new options for bringing advanced contextualisation to online learning. For training and onboarding experiences which rely on having a situational focus, VR visualisations give an invaluable insight into how these situations should actually pan out in the workplace.

Trainees also have a better chance of retaining information after experiencing a VR simulation. Research suggests that the vast majority of learners learn best kinaesthetically, and VR is a great option for them.

Perhaps most importantly, these experiences are just more fun and memorable than the traditional powerpoint-style corporate learning. Simple mandatory training sessions such as Health & Safety, office tours, and Fire & Emergency procedures can be delivered in a much more engaging and effective way. Employees can also experience areas of the business that weren't possible before.

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