What is the solution to the world's skills gap?

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There is a problem with the way we enter the world of work. Students are paying large amounts of money for education only to find upon graduating their degrees aren't valued, that it's not only a university education they need, it's also experience they want. Opportunity isn't distributed evenly. Even those highly educated, who put in money for access to better lives after attending university and higher education, do not have the experience that companies are looking for. Schools, governments and businesses don't react quickly enough to the broader economy. So students are stuck and held back from learning skills that were relevant five years prior. So how do we open up opportunities in the workforce for these graduates?

We're creating a platform that keeps up with current trends in the labour market, to keep graduates up-to-speed with the constant changes in the real world. We are turning the real-world into learning because there is learning all around us in the real world. We believe that learning happens everywhere, and with our platform, we're taking learners beyond the classroom and giving them the ability to learn from anywhere, and empowering a interactive and hands-on online community. We teach graduates and young professionals the skills they need to find jobs and get the skills necessary to open up opportunities. We want to open access to opportunities for everyone. We're an online platform that teaches more than 2,000 learners around the world the skills they need to find jobs. We have courses in engineering, law, banking and finance and mathematics. Our learning is available to everyone online anywhere in the world, hope to push 1 million people into work this year. Last year, we'd worked with Bank of England, Family Mosaic, UBS, Lloyds Bank and Lloyds Register and the Chilean Government, MIT and Harvard.

To date, we've helped push 1,000 learners into skilled occupations, including 200 graduates in an apprenticeship program with the Bank of England, and now we're excited to open up different languages, delivering courses in Spanish, French, Turkish and Maltese and are working with governments from around the world. In Latin America, we are working with Startup Chile, a government initiative to implement program in order to harness local talent for multinational corporations across the region to help give the locals skills they need to work. In Boston, we are working with Harvard and MIT to make their platform more interactive for learners. We're proud to say that we are helping some of the most marginalize and vulnerable populations. We are also about to start an exciting project in Cape Town, South Africa, to help foster the next generation of entrepreneurs to take part in tomorrow's economy.