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Serious investment within structured learning has been traditionally focused on onboarding and leadership development. At Proversity, we believe learning should power the full employee journey. Our vision from day one was to link the power of online learning to every stage of your employee’s work life – from candidacy to c-suite.

We’ve built a learning platform for organisations to re-think their employee development and engagement processes. Whether you’re providing value to tens of thousands of applicants or desperately searching for rare talent in niche area, we can help you build the right capabilities through online learning.

Benchmarking talent on more than a CV or simple test starts the development journey far earlier – and leads to far more effective and instant performance.

We’ve helped organisations like the Bank of England recruit more diverse audiences at scale through engaging online courses focused on everyday employees who demystified the history and roles within the Bank. With over 233 participants across backgrounds, the Bank attracted a much wider breadth of candidates. They’re now much more equipped to prepare and evaluate their young recruits. After their first apprenticeship cohort, they boosted the number of offers made after a candidate interview, from 25% to 83%. This shows how online learning can make your recruitment strategy even more impactful.

Once employees have officially joined your organisation, we believe you can facilitate far more effective onboarding. Online learning can be a powerful supplement to in-person training. Before day one in the office, recent hires can have a better understanding of their specific role, and the company strategy, culture and values through engaging online courses that they can consume during down time and reference later on. They can also feel instantly a part of the culture through online all-company discussion groups, like Slack and Facebook. On our platform, we have a tab to supplement courses through real-time conversation.

As employees progress within your company, you’ll need to provide learning to build up leadership and skill capabilities. We’ve worked with Royal Artillery Centre for Professional Development to co-create online courses on foundational work skills, such as maths and English, to prepare their soldiers for civilian life. In-person classes and workshops can only go so far. Online learning takes you from a classroom of 30 to 30,0000.

We help organisations create on-demand courses that can be accessed from home, on the train or in the sky. We can provide just-in-time training for any audience in your organisation at any time, whether it be internships, leadership development or talent pooling.

But this isn’t the end of the learning opportunities in the learning cycle. Now for the first time you can support employees at the point of separation with your organisation. Whether they are transitioning out through redundancy or leaving for a new role, you can keep the best talent in your network through an alumni learning platform that provides unique insights on industry best practice, and connections to peers for continued support on core business challenges.

We think online learning can revolutionise the way you develop your workforce. When we were developing Proversity, our ambition was to create a platform that was truly built around the modern employee’s life. To build our commercial and social impact as HR and L+D leaders, we need to develop our talent well throughout employee life cycle.