Introducing: The Bibblio Recommendations XBlock for Open edX

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Introducing: The Bibblio Recommendations XBlock for Open edX

Proversity and Bibblio are excited to announce the addition of the Bibblio XBlock to the Open edX Directory, which will allow the wider Open edX community to easily start suggesting the best of their own content to learners as they explore their offering.

Bibblio is a user engagement platform using powerful AI to help course providers motivate their learners by displaying relevant and engaging recommendations. After 2 years of ongoing partnership, both organisations are delighted to be able to share the software with the wider community.

"Not only has Bibblio taken all the hard work out of adding intelligent recommendations to our platforms,” said Rene Sorel, CTO at Proversity, “but their services have also helped us to understand and leverage our content better than we ever thought possible. It's simple, if your offering is content rich, you need to use this software".

Matthew Busick, Head of Implementation at Bibblio, praised Proversity for getting the XBlock out to wider community: “Rene and the team at Proversity have worked so hard to make this available to everyone on edX. We’re very excited to be launching the XBlock with them and it will give edX platforms the ability to really empower their users' exploratory learning.”

The XBlock lets learners effortlessly discover inspiring educational content from right there within the course. Under a “related content” banner, learners are able to consume any kind of media to supplement their learning; video, audio, documents, PDFs, or websites.

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The software uses auto-generated metadata and machine learning to display relevant and engaging recommendations. It’s just as easy to recommend a business as it is to recommend a product or piece of content.

But what does this mean for sites powered by Open edX?

Any organisation which has online programmes currently running on Open edX can now easily provide intelligent content recommendations to learners in real-time. Intelligent recommendation is a crucial part of exploratory learning, as well as a catalyst for increased learner acquisition and retention.

“Intelligent content recommendations tailor content to learners’ individual needs and preferences,” said Philippa Hardman, Chief Learning Officer at Proversity “ensuring a relevance which increases learner engagement, motivates learning and accelerates development”.

One of the best ways to grow the edX community is to expand its market through integrations with relevant, powerful and helpful services, especially those working with newer technologies. Bibblio is all of these things.

Proversity Co-Founder and Chief of Open edX partnerships Carl Dawson said that "The Open edX community is the most diverse education technology network in the world, serving every country and socio-economic group, for profits and not-for-profits equally. By sharing innovation we do very well by doing a lot of good."

Check out the Bibblio Recommendations XBlock on Github here and get started today. Feel free to reach out to Bibblio if you have any questions or comments.