A mobile learning platform to recruit and develop the best talent

Proversity manages the full employee lifecycle - from recruitment to on-boarding to professional development.

Proversity is mobile and social first. Employees have access to content & a community of learners anywhere, anytime.

Proversity’s in-house production and learning design team creates easy to digest content and streamlines the digitization process.

Reimagine Recruitment & Onboarding

Recruitment is revolutionised with on-demand education. Attraction, recruitment and retention no longer need to act in isolation.

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Reinvent Learning & Development

Mobile has transformed the way companies work, interact, and collaborate. Organisations that don't embrace mobile in all areas of human capital management will have a difficult time competing for talent.

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Engage New Audiences

Exceptional talent is in demand. This audience is more discerning than ever before. They are attracted not only by bigger salaries, but by ideological fit.

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